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The product will be bottled at the time of order to guarantee the expiration of 18 months and the maintenance of the organoleptic qualities.
We will inform you when it is ready to be shipped.

Tin containing 3 liters of COLLI ORVIETANI 1224 DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

BLEND: Moraiolo> = 15%, Frantoio <= 30%, Leccino <= 60%

COLLECTION: By hand and mechanics.

TASTE: 1224 PDO Colli Orvietani is a green colored oil with an intense fruity flavor and slightly spicy on the palate with hints of almond, artichoke and grass.

Expiry: Bottled at the moment of the order, it will have an expiry date of 18 months.

Bottles cannot be sold individually. The price is inclusive of VAT.
Depending on availability, the tins may not match the model in the picture.

Tin 3lt Extravirgin Olive Oil DOP

VAT Included
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